James Russell

"Whether you need a smartass, a bad ass, or just an ass."

​Comedic Actor | Political Comedian

Elijah James Russell was born on September 14, 1988, in San Jose, Costa Rica during Hurricane Gilberto. Fearful the local populace may call him the anti-christ his mother flipped open her Bible and picked out the first three names she saw. He moved up to the family farm in Potlatch, Idaho and learned to ride a horse very young. He rode competitively and consistently placed in first or second place and was featured in local news articles. They traveled to many different fair grounds often camping at the site for a few days at a time. The nights were cold and most mornings even colder, but a tiny ribbon saying 1st place almost made it worth it.

                His parents divorced at the age of eight, but hey who's parents are still together? James did a lot of traveling and moved a lot. His father moved around the state of Washington and finally settled in Seattle while his mother moved back to the family farm in Idaho. James helped raise many of the animals--chickens, rabbits, lambs, ducks, and of course horses. In other words he was your pretty stereotypical redneck farm boy. Seeing this his mother decided it best to move to a state that had discovered technology, and they moved to Colorado. This was before legalized marijuana, mind you.

                Once settled James trained heavily in martial arts including Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate and Ju-Jitsu. His coach wanted Jamesto help out at a local tournament, and ended up competing and won his first trophy. Having discovered a taste for blood James traveled across the country to fight from Buffalo, New York to Las Vegas, Nevada and went undefeated at state for two years and was champion for three. Nationally, James was ranked in the top ten for his weight class division. Eventually he stopped competing before graduating High School and pivoted to a profession that didn't involve getting his face pummeled in, hoping for a rock and roll life. He enrolled in the acting program at the Colorado Film School.

                While at the Colorado Film School he received a Certificate in Acting for the Screen. He worked on nearly 100 student films, acting in a majority. He played various characters from all walks of life. One of his favorite reenactments was a classic scene from The Departed, and his most challenging short film was, Within, where he played a murderer with dissociative identity disorder. After two years in the acting curriculum, James wanted to test the waters of working as a professional and was cast in the indy feature, 476 A.D.


                 Since moving to Los Angeles he has built a solid professional resume on bad dating shows and improvisational court shows that people still argue are real. James has appeared as a co-star on Spike TV's show Tattoo Nightmares, Lifetime Movie Networks show Killer Kids, and a guest star on America's Court with Judge Ross. He is now SAG Eligible and is working on distribution for his TV Pilot Idaho Boys which he co-wrote and co-starred with his brother. This is the shameless plug moment where the pilot's website is listed for views and consideration:  www.idahoboys.net.